Performance Improvement Opportunity Survey

Workplace Sciences will conduct at your company a complimentary:

 10-Point Performance Improvement Opportunity Survey

Process & Material Flow Analysis

Effective Cycle Time Measurement

Effective Throughput Measurement

First-Pass Quality Yield Analysis

On-Time Shipment / Service Analysis

Ergonomic Assessment

Production Training Needs Assessment

Raw Material Inventory Analysis

Work-In-Process Inventory Analysis

Finished Goods Inventory Analysis

This is a no obligation on-site 10-point performance improvement survey.  We will assess your production performance, give you a no nonsense  action plan on how to transform your operations and get you closer to achieving operational high performance results.


Contact us today, get additional details and setup an appointment for this limited time complimentary service.  We can also discuss the need for a more comprehensive performance audit of your operations (labor cost, material costs, supply chain, safety & security, product development, product returns, setup times, etc.)


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